FC Grip Powder

Package size: 20g | 0.7oz
Operating range: +5/-20°C | 41/-4°F

A topcoat of grip waxes made of fluorocarbons and extremely fine graphite. Grip powder is suitable for all weather conditions and one can coat hard grip waxes and klisters with it. The powder improves glide properties of the grip wax without reducing the grip. The coating improves the elasticity of the grip wax under it and by that it improves the grip and reduced risk of catching.

• Spread a thin, even layer either on both ends of the grip zone or along its full length.
• Apply the powder coating to the grip wax at room temperature or cool down the skis outside before.
• Adhere the powder to the wax by a few light strokes with synthetic cork or rub it in lightly by the palm of your hand.
• With these different techniques one can adjust the amount and the penetration depth of the powder to the grip wax.