LF Anti-Ice

Package size: 80ml
Operating range: +2/-5°C | 36/23°F

Fluorinated LF Anti-Ice effectively prevents icing of polymer based waxless classic skis. Multiwall plastic bottle with sponge is easy to use and environmentally friendly package.

• Clean the grip zone with Vauhti Grip Remover.
• Roughen the grip zone with sand paper (#100), if necessary.
• Shake well the bottle in position up-side-down (sponge down).
• Press the sponge lightly against the ski base and press the bottle lightly, which makes the bottle valve open and the anti-ice agent will be poured to the sponge.
• Spread an even layer on the grip zone of the ski with back and forth movement. First from the middle of the grip zone to forth and back to the end of grip zone and again to the middle. This back and forth movement spread the agent smoothly and activate the lint of the grip zone.

Vauhti’s fluorinated anti-icing agents effectively prevent icing of polymer based waxless classic skis. They enhance dirt resistance and improve glide and grip properties especially on new snow and damp snow. Use Anti-Ice agents always when the temperature is +2°C or colder.