Vauhti’s operations are based on respect for people and nature. No one can ignore climate change or environmental concerns any longer.

Our goal is to promote sustainability by developing environmentally friendly products. We are a company focused on winter sports and we want to give future generations an equal opportunity to enjoy these activities.

Vauhti’s products are designed to make the skiing experience more enjoyable. Our company therefore plays an important role in promoting people’s well-being through skiing.

In cooperation with the Finnish expert organisation Lassila & Tikanoja Oy, we developed an environmental and social responsibility program that complies with the ISO 14001 standards.

In 2023, Vauhti was awarded the ISO 14001 certificate, which certifies our environmental management system according to international standards. The ISO 14001 certification shows that we are aware of, manage and are committed to limiting our environmental impact. Vauhti has been awarded ISO 14001 certification by DNV.


Vauhti Speed Oy’s operations are based on respect for people and nature. We consider environmental, health and safety issues and their responsible management to be an important part of our business. We comply with the laws and regulations that apply to our operations and monitor the development of legislation together with our stakeholders. We favor domestic services, raw materials, material suppliers and subcontracting whenever possible.

Vauhti Speed Oy has drawn up its environmental responsibility programme together with the Finnish environmental responsibility expert organisation Lassila & Tikanoja Oyj. Vauhti’s environmental programme follows the principles of an ISO 14001-compliant environmental management system.

We want to play our part in promoting sustainable development and developing products with less environmental impact so that our future generations will also have the opportunity to enjoy winter sports. Our choice of raw materials ensures that our products and processes are safe for the user and the environment.

We work with our stakeholders to develop raw materials and packaging. Our product research and development aims to make packaging easy to recycle and minimize waste. We handle chemicals carefully and use materials efficiently. By choosing domestic and local products and services, we can reduce emissions from transport.

We train our staff in environmental and safety issues. We inform our customers and stakeholders about our environmental practices and their development on an annual basis.


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