Jasmi Joensuu

Jasmi Joensuu is a Finnish cross-country skier born in 1996. She skied bronze in relay at the World Championships in Oberstdorf in 2021. Joensuu also has several Finnish Championship medals to her name. Joensuu’s most recent medals come from the Finnish Cup in early February in Vantaa, where she won gold in the women’s sprint and bronze in the women’s 20 km race.  Joensuu has also competed in track and field and has won several medals.

Finnish Vauhti athlete Jasmi Joensuu answers ten questions about her sport and her relationship with Vauhti:

Finnish Vauhti athlete Jasmin Joensuu answers ten questions about her sport and her relationship with Vauhti.

1.           Skate or classic?

  • Skate

2.           Favourite distance?

  • Sprint

3.           Favourite Vauhti product?

  • Clean and glide

4.           Most memorable Vauhti -moment?

  • Cleaning all my skis from fluorwaxes last year. That was a lot of work. 

5.           Biggest achievement on your career?

  • Relay World Championship bronze in Oberstdorf. 

6.           What are your strenghts as a competitor?

  • Strenght, SISU, not giving up easily.

7.           Name your biggest inspiration in sports?

  • Marit Björgen 

8.           If not skiing, what would be your sport?

  • Javelin thrower

9.           What are your biggest goals in sports and in life?

  • World Championship 

10.         Give skiwaxing tips to readers?

  • Remember to wax your skis more than once a year! It is so much more enjoyable! 


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